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Domaine Le Colombier

The heavy door opens slightly, revealing the much-hoped-for contents: a refrigerant, a pump, various objects linked to the wine industry and, enthroned in the middle, firmly secured, an orange-colored caterpillar tractor.

Its mechanical insect morphology, its eyes and its locust mask seem to look towards the north of the valley and say to Gilbert “The tree has been uprooted, it must be replanted”.

Many years later, I understood while contemplating this beautiful tree that there really was a treasure in the box.

Our Colombier was born, it had grown against all odds and the bottle of Cuvée G placed in front of me was much more than a simple consumer item.

I hope to share this emotion and this “something more” with all wine lovers.

Oenophilically yours.

Type of agriculture:

Agriculture Biologique

Domaine Le Colombier

4884 Route de la Garrigue de l'Etang
84260 Sarrians - France

Winegrower : Jean-Louis Mourre

Surface : 22 hectares

Terroir : Silt, sand, sandstone, clay, limestone, marl.

3 appellations :

Wines from Domaine Le Colombier
Straight nose of ripe red fruits, fine and soft tannins.
Deep purple robe, this wine has a powerful mineral and spicy mouth with black fruits notes.
Bouquet : flowers and ripe dark fruits. Mouth : Vinous but finely balanced, the cuvee G shows silky tannins and an exceptional length.
Bright pale yellow robe. Expressive nose with candied citrus and white fruit notes. The mouth is balanced and well-rounded.
Deep ruby colour, fresh red fruits on the nose, strawberry and toffee notes. The mouth is balanced and fresh.
Purple robe, black fruits and morello cherry aromas. The mouth is well balanced and full bodied, tannins are soft and persistent.
Ruby red colour. Cherry and small red fruit appear immediately in the nose and in mouth. A very good balance between tannins, acidity and alcohol.
The soft body given by the Grenache Blanc is balanced by the fruity and fresh character of the Marsanne and the Viognier.
Red fruits appear immediately in the nose thanks to the exceptional ripeness and the very small yield. Well balanced wine with persistent length.