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With many years of family and professional experience, We, Ambiance Rhône Terroirs winemakers, have been going out to the Rhône Valley. We have selected 2 Rhone wines for you, for their quality but also because ththey fit in with our philosophy.

After many tastings we made the following selection:

  • A 30 hl foudre of Gigondas, from a great vineyard situated at an altitude of 300 m., made of 45 years old Grenache
  • A 40 hl foudre of Cairanne, from the most beautiful slopes of the area.

On this terroir, the 3 main grapes of the Rhône Valley can offer great finesse and flavors. We are looking forward to share our love for our terroir, thanks to those 2 new wines called Signature d'Artistes.

Type of agriculture:

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Ambiance Rhône Terroirs

1301 Chemin d'Auzan
30800 Saint-Gilles - France

2 appellations :

Wines from the Ambiance Rhône Terroirs' selection
Charming and full flavored, the mouth is very balanced, between softness and freshness.
Red and black berries flavors, as well as Provence wild herbs : thyme, Laurel and Rosemary. You will enjoy the freshness of this wine, with soft tannins and a long and spicy finish.