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Domaine Chantepierre

Chantepierre estate has been set up in Tavel from more than 3 centuries ago.
Indeed it’s been farmed by the same Paly family since the XVIIth century.
This structure is co-managed by Anne Luce Coulomb Paly and Christian Paly, sister and brother.

The 65 hectares domain mainly produces Tavel, Lirac and Côtes du Rhône.

The diversity of its Appellations and its grape varieties allows Domaine Chantepierre to produce three colors of wine.

The diversity of the location of its vines gives it the possibility of working on different terroirs: sandy hillsides, limestone scrubland and clay plateaus, rolled pebbles.

This wealth of grape varieties and terroirs allows Domaine Chantepierre to offer a beautiful range of charming wines.

Type of agriculture:

Domaine Chantepierre

Route de la Commanderie
30126 Tavel - France

Winegrowers : Paly family

Surface : 65 hectares

Terroirs :
In Tavel: Rolled pebbles, clay-limestone and stony soils

In Lirac: Rolled pebbles

In Côtes du Rhône: Clay-limestone and stony soils

3 appellations :

Wines from Domaine Chantepierre
Bright lively garnet red. Powerful, aromas of spice and red fruit. Soft attack, structured and mellowed, good long finish.
Bright deep crimson shot through with mauve. Animally, ripe fruit, caramel. Soft attack, good structure, aftertaste of liquorices, notes of toast at the end.
Deep bright ruby pink. Red and white fruits combined. Fruity, long spicy finish.